Moving Your Home During COVID-19

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Post: Moving Your Home During COVID-19

Moving During the COVID-19 Outbreak

moving company brevard county is still openJust like other businesses in the Brevard County area, Tropic Moving has been stepping up our game to make sure our moves are safe for our clients. By minimizing contact and discontinuing our in-home estimates during the outbreak, we’ve been able to provide a safe moving experience for family as well as our staff – all while still getting the job done! As an essential business, moving companies have been working hard to stay open during this unusual time. But on top of wearing masks and minimizing contact, what else can you do during this time to ensure that you and your family are still able to pack and move with minimal risk? Let’s check it out with these three tips. Remember to check out the CDC’s website for the most up-to-date information on protecting yourself and others!

Social Distance During Your Move

Social distancing has become crucial during the last few months. The same rules for going out and being in public apply during your move as well. There are a few things that you can do to minimize contact during the process of your move. First, find a company that is willing to do a video call or phone call instead of an in-home estimate. In-home estimates are important for budgeting your move. However, they are an unnecessary risk right now. A company like Tropic Moving will work to make sure that we can provide an accurate estimate without visiting the home. In addition, a professional team will be able to work on-site without your guidance. You can wait at the new location or somewhere off-site to minimize contact with the moving team.

Remember to wear a mask in public and wash your hands if you’re going to be traveling far for your move. You might need to make stops on the way, so be sure to bring sanitizer and masks!

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Pack Essentials Ahead of Time

A great tip for the current moving homeowner is to let boxes and items sit for a few days after moving. Because the virus cannot be sustained on most surfaces for longer than three days, you can leave items in a room or garage if they can’t be sanitized. To make sure that this is a viable option, you can move any essential items yourself in a suitcase or a few boxes in your car. Usually we recommend bringing the items you’ll need for the first day, but this time you’ll need a few days of clothing and toiletries to get by. This is especially true because you don’t want to be staying in a hotel right now, even if it’s more convenient.

Clean Your New Home

cleaning supplies and a duster on a clean wooden floorSoap and water is a great way to combat COVID. It will be important for you to clean your home as soon as you move in (after realtors, movers, and other visitors have been in your home). Disinfect hard surfaces and use a carpet cleaner to make sure that you’ll be staying safe during the first part of your move while you’re getting settled in. While moving companies like us are wearing masks and gloves during the move, it’s a great idea to clean the areas that people have been in recently in order to maximize your safety. A little cleaning can go a long way, so remember to wash your hands and put “clean the house” as a priority on the to-do list!

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