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Three Top Tips from the Best Brevard Movers

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We believe that cutting costs, saving money, and taking the work out of a move is the best way to go. Any little thing can help make your move a bit better, but which tips are actually the best? Whether you’re moving to a new office or a new home, these top tips from the best Brevard movers (pssst…that’s Tropic Moving!) will be great for making your move easier, faster, and maybe even cheaper. How do we know these tips work? We’re an expert moving company, so you can trust that we know all the secrets to getting the job done right. So, congratulations on your new space. Let’s get packing!

1. Have an Overnight Bag

Office SuppliesIf you’ve moved homes or apartments before, then you can understand the frustration of being unable to find ANYTHING that you need for your day-to-day activities. You’ll be tearing open boxes yelling, “Where’s my Listerine?” and “I can’t find my work polos!” and “I know I packed my hair brush in ONE of these bedroom boxes…”. You won’t be unpacking in a single day, so make sure that you have all of the small, necessary items packed in a separate suitcase or bag – just like going on vacation. That way, you’ll have outfits to wear one the days that you’re unpacking, and after a long day of work, you can shower without searching for your toiletries.

YES, this is good for the office too. While moving a business won’t require you to put together a bag of clothes, you can always put important documents, books, and laptops in a separate box for the days when the desks aren’t totally built yet. It can save you time and effort when you’re not unpacked but you still need to get office work done!

2. Label EVERYthing

Bright Colored MarkersYou make think to yourself at some point during the move: “I can just remember that all my silverware is in the Amazon box with the left scuffed corner, I don’t need to label this one!” Our advice? DON’T do this. Always. always, always label your boxes and bags. After weeks of packing, you’ll thank yourself. This will make every step easier. You’ll be able to sort by room, importance, type of item, fragility, and more during the many, many days of reorganizing. Itemized lists taped to boxes or written on the side will help immensely for finding individual items. Many times, households will need one item in a box before they’re ready to unpack the whole box. Itemized lists of a box’s contents will make it possible to find that one thing without going on a hunt!

3. Schedule Your Move Ahead of Time

Desk CalendarThis may go without saying for many of you, but it’s an important and easily overlooked concept for many. If you wait until the last minute to schedule your professional Brevard movers, you could be in for an unfortunate problem! Often, last-minute moves can’t be handled by popular, busy moving companies because they’ll be booked up two weeks in advance. There’s also a lower chance that they’ll be able to do the move at a time that works for you! Another issue can be pricing. You may be boxed in to doing your move at an off-hour or on the weekend. This means there will be a more expensive price for the move. Want a convenient, cheaper move? Call and schedule your estimate, and then schedule your move ASAP!

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