Sustainable Moving Practices For Your Relocation

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Post: Sustainable Moving Practices For Your Relocation

Sustainable moving improves the health of the planet. Over the years, being unsustainable with our resources has negatively affected the world, contributing to the climate crisis, wildlife population, and public health. A recent study found that 400 million metric tons of plastic waste is produced annually, with only 4% recycled

Since moving uses a lot of plastic packing material and waste, you should consider how you can change your strategies to reduce the impact on the environment. So, Tropic Moving professionals have provided our best tips for sustainable moving to help you reduce your contribution to this global crisis. 

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What Is Sustainable Moving?

A sustainable move means being conscientious about how your actions influence the environment. Sustainability involves acknowledging that resources are finite. Instead of being wasteful, resources should be conserved and used wisely to prevent a negative impact on the Earth.

Green moving practices include minimizing waste, lowering carbon emissions, or recycling. However, there are many ways to apply eco-friendly strategies to moving. It’s up to you to decide how you want to implement sustainability into your relocation.

Why Should You Practice Sustainable Moving?

There are several reasons why you should switch to sustainable moving. First and foremost, it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Essentially, eco-conscious practices reinforce your dedication to a multi-level systems approach, which creates resilience for later generations. According to a UCLA charter, sustainability involves: “The integration of environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality in order to create thriving, healthy, diverse, and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come. The practice of sustainability recognizes how these issues are interconnected and requires a systems approach.”

Overall, your positive behaviors benefit the environment, and you become a fundamental part of a greener future. Once friends and family recognize the advantages, you might even inspire them to change their practices. 

Tips For Sustainable Relocation

The following are our best tips for sustainable moving:

  • Reusable Boxes/Bags

Of course, it’s easier to buy new boxes in preparation for packing. 

However, there are more eco-friendly options, which include:

  • A box rental service
  • Using containers you already have at home (i.e., plastic storage buckets, luggage, bags)
  • Requesting boxes from stores (i.e., supermarkets, liquor stores, restaurants, warehouses, etc.)  
  • Recycle Moving Supplies

When you’re finished moving, recycle any cardboard, plastic, or metal. This ensures that the lifecycle and reuse of these items continue. Otherwise, these materials will likely be thrown out and placed in a landfill, which is dangerous for the environment.

  • Donate/Sell Unwanted Items

Instead of packing everything, sort your belongings into two piles: donate or sell. Similar to recycling, this allows others to make good use of your possessions, also preventing them from being disposed of in a landfill.

If you’re unsure where to donate, you can bring your things to Goodwill.

churches, or charities. You can even have a yard sale to sell your items. Then, you can make money from what would be trash.

  • Create A Moving Plan

To have a successful green move, you must have a plan. You can use a checklist or a written sustainability plan stating how you plan to get boxes, recycling, the number of trips you’ll need to make, etc. This strategy will help you avoid creating additional waste or increasing carbon emissions.

  • Use Alternative Packing Materials

Although most individuals will use plastic, paper products, or packing peanuts as packing materials, there are several alternatives. For instance, you can wrap your fragile items with used clothes, use eco-friendly Corrograted Bubble Wrap, or Greenwrap (made from 100% recycled cardboard). 

  • Limit The Number of Trips

Since burning fuel leads to harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde, you should limit the amount of trips to transport your belongings. First, it helps to downsize your home before packing. You can do this through proper planning. For example, rather than using extra boxes, consolidate them. Doing so will reduce how many containers you use, limiting the trips made. Lastly, you can donate or sell anything you want to get rid of.

Choose Tropic Moving Sustainable Moving Professionals

Tropic Moving professionals prioritize sustainable relocation. To accomplish this, we have an organized plan for a green move. In addition, we can help you sort, pack, and get rid of your junk to eliminate your stress. 

Then, with an advanced inventory management system, we reduce unnecessary transportation. This also ensures that nothing is misplaced or lost. More importantly, our experts provide an affordable and flexible approach to accommodate your needs. 

Please contact us today to speak with a customer service agent or to request an estimate for an upcoming move!

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