Packing for Moving: What to Keep Out of the Van

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Post: Packing for Moving: What to Keep Out of the Van

Three Things to Keep Out of the Moving Van

It may seem unusual coming from a moving company, but there really are things that we recommend you keep out of our hands (and keep them in yours!). Most everything in your home or apartment can be handled by professional movers. However, some belongings just travel better when they’re with you. Don’t worry – the list isn’t overwhelming, and you’ll even find guides for how to pack these items yourself to keep them safe. Let’s take a look at the top three things we always recommend moving on your own.

1. Inside (and Outside) Plants

House PlantsBeyond the state laws specifying which plants can and cannot cross borders, we don’t even like to move house plants and garden greens within the county. First, it’s dangerous for the plants themselves. Your potted orchid or succulent will weather the journey far worse in a moving van than it will in your car where you can watch it. Sunlight and water are necessary for all your different plants, and there is a possibility that your plants will not survive the journey in a van surrounded by furniture.

In addition, most moving companies have a policy against transporting plants due to the mites and pests that can live among the leaves. Soil can spill during the trip, and then the end result is dirt all over your boxes, your furniture, and the truck. We recommend bringing the plants that you love by carefully packing them in your vehicle, and giving away or leaving whatever will not fit.

2. Dangerous Chemicals and Cleaners

If it off-gases, has a funky smell, is a liquid, and doesn’t like to mix well with other things, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t be able to put it in the moving truck. To keep movers and drivers safe, there is a long list of hazardous chemicals, liquids, and cleaners that moving companies want to keep far away during the transportation process. Fireworks, household cleaners, pressurized cans, pool chlorine, and paint thinners are just a few items that are probably on your moving company’s list of banned items. You’ll need to either dispose of these items or pack them carefully and separately for the move. Items like gasoline or propane have special containers and protocol for moving between homes.

woman getting fruit out of fridge3. Fresh Foods and Perishable Goods

The last thing that you want is a bottle of soured milk breaking all over your couch, right? This is just one of many potential disasters when you pack your perishable goods with your moving company. While canned goods, dried food, and shelf-stable items are fine for long or short-distance transportation, don’t pack the whole pantry and fridge. You’ll want to plan ahead and eat (or throw out) anything that is soft, squishy, perishable, or from the fridge. Leaks and mold growth are a real danger if you decide to take a chance and bring your liquids and cold items with you.

Wondering if you’ve packed everything perfectly? Then you might want to give your local moving company a call to double check! Every company should have a list of restricted items that you can’t pack on your moving truck. By checking ahead of time with your local Brevard moving company, you can make sure you’re packed and prepared for your move day!

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