Why So Many People Are Moving To Melbourne FL

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Post: Why So Many People Are Moving To Melbourne FL

Melbourne Florida makes the top 10 fastest growing places in the US according to https://realestate.usnews.com/places/florida/melbourne. There are a variety of reasons why so many people are moving to Melbourne FL. Not only have there been a tremendous amount of job opportunities but it’s a great place to raise a family. When you combine the Florida climate with beaches, and plenty of family fun in the area, it’s a no brainer when it comes to getting a job offer on the space coast.

One of the major industries that has been booming on the Space Coast is the aerospace industry. With new growing companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, to the more well known companies which helped grow the area to what it is today, like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing L3HArris and Northup Grumman. The industry is growing as a whole with Space X and Blue Origin leading the way. They have privatized a significant portion of the space industry and are quickly reigniting space travel after what had been a rather inactive time since the ending of the space shuttle program. With current plans for trips to the moon and mars, the space industry is growing like never before.

In addition to those well known companies, there are new ventures that are just at their grass roots such as “Project Griffin” which is the secret name an aerospace company is using while just in the approval process for construction on a new facility. The project is aiming to invest over $300 Million dollars into a new facility at the Melbourne airport that is expected to bring 2,100 high paying manufacturing jobs to Melbourne, Florida. This project is intending to sublease 60 acres of land at the Melbourne airport for its facility. The airport also just completed Its first transatlantic flight from Manchester, England to Melbourne, Florida. There is currently construction in progress on new terminals as well, as the airport as a whole is growing at a fast pace, which is contributing to the fast growing Melbourne economy. And with any growing economy, as a portion of it grows, so does the rest. More people means more jobs to support the growing population.

But when a family has to be uprooted for a job, It’s not always an easy decision for families. There are many questions on where they’ll be moving to and  if the new area will be great for the whole family. Sometimes a new job can be a huge burden on the rest of the family if it is not in a desirable location. That’s where you start to see a little more of why so many families are getting so excited to be moving to Melbourne Florida. Only on Florida’s Space Coast can you watch a rocket launch into space with your toes in the sand, then can you watch a rocket sail into the port on a drone ship while you are having lunch. Melbourne has family attractions from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor complex, Andretti Thrill Park as well as the Brevard Zoo, which is quickly climbing the ranks to one of the best Zoos in the country! The Brevard Zoo is also in the process of building an off-site aquarium which will be located at Port Canaveral on the Indian River. The project will not only be another thing to do with your family for residents of Melbourne Florida, but also be benefiting the local lagoon and which will in turn benefit all residents of the area. This of course is in addition to great restaurants, beaches, new coffee shops, dog parks, ziplining and breweries in the area. Viera and West Melbourne are the main areas where we are seeing growth while we still have Downtown Melbourne, Historic Cocoa Village and world famous Cocoa Beach nearby as well.

Not only is there all of that to do on the Space Coast but this is in addition to being just an hour drive away from the largest tourist attraction in the country, Orlando Florida. Moving to Melbourne FL has the perks of living near all of the theme parks, restaurants and resorts that Orlando offers without the hustle and bustle of living in such a crowded city. And not only are people moving to Melbourne Florida from across the country but since the pandemic we are seeing a lot of new residents moving over from Orlando. With so many jobs having switched to primarily working from home positions, or just having to commute for part of the week, many people working in Orlando are choosing to leave the busy city life and are moving to Melbourne Florida to benefit their Family. Not to mention you can get much more bang for your buck on housing as well as have a little bit of land and an actual backyard for your family and pets. From New construction to waterfront living to even having land for a farm there is a little bit for everyone when moving to Melbourne Florida.

With so many families moving to Melbourne Florida from across the country it’s easy to see that it’s not too hard of a choice, I mean this is where most of the country vacations to. The sunshine state has always been a tourist destination but with the current state of the nation post pandemic, Florida is seeing a major influx of residents who once only vacationed in Florida. Many people are quickly finding Melbourne Florida. From an area that was once considered a hidden gem turning into one of the fastest growing areas in America. We are happy to see so many people moving to Melbourne Florida and to see our local economy growing and all that comes along with it. So if you haven’t had the chance to visit or see what Melbourne Florida has to offer, there’s no better time than now to find out. Who knows you might find yourselves moving to Melbourne FL next! Get an estimate on your move to Melbourne FL.

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