Why Hire a Local Moving Company?

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Post: Why Hire a Local Moving Company?

Why Should I Hire A Local Moving Company?

You should always look at your local moving companies before straying toward a big name franchise moving company. With Big name companies you are usually paying more for the name and usually not getting any more of a superior service then at a local company. They have inflated prices do to franchise fees and large marketing budgets that the local movers don’t have. 


Most local companies are run by people who have been in the industry for a while, while most franchises are people who bought into a franchise which doesn’t always mean they have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. There is never a substitute for industry learned experience through decades of working in a trade.


What’s important is to do your research on your local movers to make sure they are reputable. While there are always reputable local movers there are always some to look out for. Check online reviews and ask around at work and with friends. On average you will save 30-40 percent when hiring a local moving company over a big name. That can make a pretty big difference when your talking about moving an entire home or office. As always be sure to get multiple estimates and compare which one you feel fits your needs best.


Remember to always think local first!

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