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Where to Get Moving Boxes to Prepare for Moving Day

empty moving box with tapeIf you’ve read any of our blogs, you know that moving day isn’t something you just do. There is a great deal of planning and preparation that goes into each part, from the packing to the actual move. Every move is different, from person to person. But one thing will always stay the same – you will need tons of boxes. So, the topic we will be addressing this month is where to get moving boxes for your move. There are three great places to get sturdy boxes in different sizes: saving up over time, collecting from local businesses, and purchasing supplies from moving companies. Each of these tactics (used together or apart) can help you obtain plenty of great boxes and moving supplies in time for your move!

1. Collecting Boxes Over Time

As soon as you know that you’ll be moving from one home to another, it’s time to start getting ready. One of the best long-term prepping strategies is to begin collecting sturdy boxes from Amazon shipments, new purchases, gifts, and more. Planning ahead means that you can pick and choose good boxes to break down and put aside for the actual packing days. Avoid flimsy, damaged, and odd-shaped boxes, since these can cause you to end up with broken or smushed items after the move. Different sizes of thick, cardboard boxes are probably coming across your doorstep all the time. Don’t waste them!

2. Contact Local Businesses

man making a phone callThere are many local and corporate businesses that are being contacted regularly for their discarded boxes. If you’re okay using boxes that have been shipped and unpacked at businesses, then you can call your local liquor stores, office supply stores, electronic stores, and department stores. Ask them if they have any boxes they haven’t recycled or thrown out yet. Some stores will offer them to you for the price of pick-up, and some will charge you a small fee to take them home. The biggest problem with this tactic is catching them before the boxes have gone out to the dumpster. Often, you will have to call several times before you’re lucky.

3. Purchase from Your Local Moving Company

woman overwhelmed by boxesThe best way to guarantee that you’ll have the right selection of sturdy, great boxes is buying them brand-new from a company like Tropic Moving. Moving companies in your area will have great prices on plenty of packing supplies, will often deliver right to your door, and can even be consulted for what types and sizes of boxes you need. New boxes may be more expensive than free, but you can rest easier. New boxes won’t collapse, tear, or break down during the move – ensuring your precious cargo is protected. Investing in good boxes is a great way to have a happier move!

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