What to Know About Orlando Before Moving

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Post: What to Know About Orlando Before Moving

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Orlando is more than just Mickey Mouse, college kids, and International Drive. Beyond theme parks and big-name businesses, there are many wonderful perks to Orlando if you’re a family looking at a more permanent settlement. Moving to Orlando is great for many, so we’re here this week to give you tips and information as a professional moving company of Orlando. What is there for newcomers beyond the usual tourist mess and UCF traffic? Let’s take a look.

1. April Showers? Try Summer Storms

kid playing in puddle in rainAnyone who lives in Florida knows about the rainy season. Despite being in a land called “The Sunshine State,” Florida has a remarkable rainy season. It comes with being a sub-tropical paradise. And anyone who lives in or near Orlando will tell you this: the summer will be marked by tremendous, fast, and harmless thunderstorms. Every. Single. Afternoon. While this will cool off the town, provide a nice break from the sun, and make your garden green – it’s also something you have to plan for. Central Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, and Orlando will show you why each summer. However, it is also wonderful to know that these afternoon thunderstorms are brief, do little to no actual damage, and mostly just scare your dog. An hour after the rain stops, you might not even notice puddles on the pavement – that’s the power of the summer heat.

2. Not Everything is Big in Orlando

suburban florida in orlandoEverything in Orlando probably seems big if you’re not moving from a city. Theme parks take up massive space. The traffic is a monster at certain times of day. There are skyscrapers, huge office buildings, and attractions everywhere that you turn. However, Orlando is also home to many small centers of culture, where there are close-knit neighborhoods, local businesses, and suburban-type environments for your kids and family. While most people think of Orlando as all of these fast-paced, tourist-focused centers, there are plenty of low-key areas that offer a homey vibe. Try Winter Garden or College Park, or outlying areas of Orlando if you’re not big on jammed traffic and distant neighbors! Better yet, start your move into Orlando with trying to support locals. Call a local Orlando moving company like us to start your journey with friendly faces!

3. Take Advantage of Local Discounts

With the rampant, ever-growing business of tourism, you’ll think that everything in Orlando is overpriced. Why wouldn’t it be? Like other cities, Orlando has a higher cost of living than surrounding areas, but it’s certainly not as bad as if you are just visiting. The great thing about theme parks, museums, and other local attractions is that they love to sell tickets in the off-season as well, so you’ll be able to take advantage of amazing prices for Florida residents and locals. If you’re familiar with Disney, you’ll know that they have blackout dates and restrictions for Florida passes, but it’s totally worth it when you consider the money you’ll save for the whole family just by living nearby.

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Orlando is a fantastic place to live, and we’ve only touched on a few aspects that should draw you to the beauty of Central Florida – and act as warnings for those who aren’t already acquainted with the area. Whether you’re looking at Orlando to be near family, find a job, go to school, or enjoy Florida’s warm weather, we think that you’ll enjoy everything that Orlando has to offer.

Have you already decided that Orlando is the place for you? Save money and time when you work with a local, professional company that can get you packed, loaded, and set up in your new home! Try Tropic Moving when you’re moving to, from, or within Orlando and learn why we’re the best in the business.

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