What to Do With Unwanted Items During Your Move

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Post: What to Do With Unwanted Items During Your Move

Old and Extra Items While Moving? Here’s Your Solution

Every move brings weird and different things out of the closets and attic. Maybe it’s a purse you haven’t used in three years. Maybe it’s a Lego set with half the pieces gone. Maybe it’s a broken blender that you were perpetually dealing with “later.” And “later” has come and gone, so now it’s time to find a home for all this extra stuff. We’re bringing you three tips for making space, clearing clutter, and discarding junk during your move.

1. Prep Ahead of Time

boxes and partially packed furniture in a houseThe best thing you can do with a move is prepare yourself and your home. Scrambling at the last minute will have you and your family throwing everything into boxes without a care. This will end in chaos when you’re trying to sort out items in your new home. So instead, take several weeks (or months, if you know about your move that far out) and sort. 

When you’re packing, make sure to take time and see if everything you’re taking to your new place sparks joy. Separate out those things which you will not truly appreciate on your next journey (an old painting, seven books you haven’t read, a thousand sweaters that you never wear because it’s Florida) and pack up those things you really need and really love.

2. Sell What You Can

white shirts hanging on black hangersYou’d be surprised at how many people want the thing which has lost its sparkle for you. Every person will buy one or two things every once in a while that don’t get used that much. When you find these gently-used or specialty things, don’t just give them away!

Since you’ve prepped (as we suggested above), you have plenty of time to turn to eBay or Poshmark to sell your name-brand, specialty, rare, or nice items. Or, visit your local consignment store with a basket of freshly laundered or tidied items. Though you probably won’t make back all of your money that you originally spent, there’s a good chance that you can make a pretty penny off of your forgotten treasures.

3. Toss or Donate What You Can’t Sell

records and cd cases on dark wooden furnitureSometimes, you don’t find treasure. Sometimes, you find trash. And that’s fine. That broken blender isn’t going to do anyone good, so just get rid of it. And other times, you might just want to donate something because it’s not worth the time to sell. Give it away so that someone else can love it. And the best thing? For both junk and donate-able items, you can call on your professional, local moving company to haul it all away.

Many moving companies offer a junk removal service, which is good for clutter and junk alike, and they’ll take the donations to the location or organization of your choice. There’s a good possibility that you can use the same moving company for both your junk removal and your actual move, which is the case with Tropic Moving. Just give your local company a call when you’re done sorting and selling!

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