Professional Moving & Unpacking Tips With a Baby

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Post: Professional Moving & Unpacking Tips With a Baby

Unpacking Tips for Moving House with a Baby

Moving and Unpacking Tips With A BabyMoving is a stressful, complicated process – and nothing makes it harder than a newborn or young baby. Few things can complicate a move more than a newborn or even a toddler. Balancing between needing to spend time with your child and the want to get unpacked and organized is no simple task. Don’t worry, it’s possible to do both and keep your child safe and happy while you get your things unpacked (and get life back to normal!). Here are our top three tips for unpacking with a baby after moving to a new home. And of course, we wish every unpacking parent the best of luck with this enormous project!

Hire Professional Movers ASAP

Two trucks used for a house move in FloridaIf you haven’t done this already, you should pick up the phone and find a professional, local moving company as soon as possible. Many new parents decide against hiring a team of movers because they are worried about saving money during the first year of having a child. While you may be hesitant to spend extra money of movers, it’s definitely worth it. An expert team to help you with packing, loading the moving truck, moving heavy furniture, and unpacking – they’ll take a ton of the burden of moving off of your shoulder. This will also give you that much more time to spend with your little one. Normally, we recommend hiring movers so make a move less stressful, but we cannot emphasize how important this is for parents with a baby.

Plan & Prioritize the Nursery

mother holding cute baby after movingAs the place with your crib, rocking chair, toys, changing table, and clothing, the nursery should be your number one priority when planning when and how to pack and unpack your home. When you’re working with your moving team, make sure that they know to pack the nursery last and unpack it first. If your nursery is set up as soon as you begin unpacking at your new home, this will be a huge advantage for you as a parent. Not only will you be able to put your baby down for a nap, but you’ll also be able to set up a normal routine for eating, napping, changing, and nursing as soon as you arrive. Your little one will appreciate this important decision – and so will you!

Take Advantage of Naptime

Another reason why you want the crib out and done first? One word: naptime. If you have an active, fussy, playful, or rambunctious baby, it’s not a bad thing – but it does make unpacking nearly impossible while your child is awake. Restoring your normal schedule after moving day is important. It’s best way not only to ensure that your baby stays in a good mood, but it also lets you use naptime and nighttime sleep to get some serious unpacking done. By using your naptimes wisely, you’ll be able to get your unpacking done quickly and efficiently without worrying about having a tiny tot underfoot the whole time. Worried about the noise of unpacking? Simple. Invest in a few white noise machines to dampen the sounds of unpacking and moving furniture. Pretty soon, you’ll see that unpacking is easy when you’ve got your little one settled in for some sleep!

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