Top Three Tips for Holiday Moving

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Post: Top Three Tips for Holiday Moving

The Best Way to Move During the Holiday Season

Sparkler At NightThanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner. While the holiday season (especially in 2020) may seem like a difficult time to move, there are still plenty of families changing addresses this time of year! Despite the stress and worry that come with a holiday move, don’t feel overwhelmed. Alongside hiring a professional, local moving team to assist you with your move, there are several ways to make sure that your move goes smoothly from start to finish. Here are our top tips for a painless (and even enjoyable!) holiday move for you and your family members!

Collect Items to Donate for Charity

girl putting clothing in a box for donationMany people choose the Christmas season to donate their gently used (but no-longer-needed) items for others. Not only does it help less fortunate families find wonderful gifts at a discounted price, but it also puts unusual and hard-to-find items out there for fun gifts! For a household that’s moving, we recommend taking this opportunity to put aside your own nice, unwanted treasures for donation as an easy, charitable way of cleaning out your home before moving. We always recommend purging before you pack for a move, but this way your furniture, toys, clothes, and other items can be a blessing to others during the holidays!

Reuse Your Recently Acquired Boxes

Ordering online is more and more common for gift-buying these days, and this is a really wonderful thing when you’re also planning to move. Every time a new gift arrives from Amazon, Walmart, or Etsy, save the box to pack your household goods in later. Many people find that the endless online order boxes are a nuisance, but this is something that your family can take advantage of. Instead of breaking down and recycling the boxes, you can either pack less-used items ahead of time or save the boxes for the packing extravaganza! And the best part? Reusing these recently-acquired boxes is the perfect way to save money in an expensive holiday season.

New Address? Put It In Your Holiday Card!

Happy HolidaysYour family may be sending out a Christmas card this year, and boy, it’s a great opportunity! Moving means updating your address, and often it’s hard to make sure that everyone gets the memo when you move. However, Christmas cards (and other holiday greeting cards) offer a wonderful, fun, and cheerful way to update your friends and family on your recent change. Either create a card that emphasized the fact that your address is different, or put the information in a message accompanying the Christmas card. In addition, you’ll also have a fun family activity to look forward to during the move – taking family pictures and preparing a nice message to go out to all of the great people in your life!

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