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Moving Supply List – Packing Supply List

Top 3 Supplies for Packing During Your Move

There are five essential categories of items to add to your moving supply list and packing supply list that you will need to ensure your packing experience is smooth. Sounds simple, right? Exactly! We’re here to make sure that when you’re creating your list of a thousand things to do before moving day, “supplies” is right at the top – checked off. Having the right type and number of supplies is vital to an easy time getting all of your belongings to fit and function in your new home. So, here are our 5 must-haves for your packing needs!

1. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Moving Supply ListWe’ve already talked about the importance of having boxes for your move, but there are different kinds of boxes – and you’ll need plenty of them! Boxes in which to pack your belongings are one of the most essential packing items that should be on your list. When you’re buying boxes or acquiring them from a moving company, you’ll need to remember a couple of things.

One, you want sturdy boxes. Don’t keep and use any cardboard boxes that are discolored, moldy, or damp. That’s asking for disaster! Sturdy cardboard boxes will keep your packed items neat, will protect them, and will make carrying them much easier. If you have boxes that have been weakened or are moldy, then you risk the box breaking, getting crushed, or transferring mold onto whatever is packed inside. If you’re using some plastic, lidded boxes, you’ll want to keep the same thing in mind. Don’t use any plastic boxes that are cracked, warped, or missing latches.

Two, remember size. There are many things in your home, and they come in ALL different sizes. So, to make sure that things aren’t thrown in to big boxes haphazardly or stuffed into small boxes, get many different boxes in many different sizes. When you’re packing up silverware, bottles, knick-knacks, and other small items, you’ll thank us.

2. Padding!

Tropic Moving company employee wrapping a table for a moveJust as important as what contains your stuff is what protects your stuff inside. Everything can be padded, from the obvious – like plates – to the sturdy, like your furniture. And there’s different kind of protective padding depending on what you’re packing!

Packing peanuts, shredded paper, and bubble wrap are versatile, easy to find, and perfect for filling in those gaps between items in boxes. Bubble wrap, or paper sheets, are best used for wrapping fragile items that shouldn’t move around much during the move. Plates, glasses, picture frames, and other fragile items can be easily broken if you don’t separate them. With turns, jostling, bumps, and other roadway movement, it’s always better to over-pad than under-pad! We don’t recommend using newspaper for wrapping only because the items can get residue on them from the ink, and then you have to spend time cleaning each item when you’re putting it away.

Furniture is the same, believe it or not! Wood can be easily scuffed, glass tables can be scratched, and metal can be scraped during the move, especially if they move up against boxes or other furniture. The best padding for furniture is either furniture blankets or old, used blankets that you aren’t worried about tearing. Wrap your furniture and corners in padding to protect your large items and secure it with one of the third essential category’s items – plastic stretch wrap.

3. Sealing and Wrapping!

Packing Supply ListThere are obviously a thousand times that you’ll be using tape during your move. But tape is the only thing that you’ll need in this category! Like we said, stretch wrap is vital, and you’ll also want a tape gun to make the process go much faster.

Stretch film or stretch wrap is one of the favorites for movers. You can secure padding over large areas, keep drawers and doors from opening during the move, and protect open areas from scratches. When you look at Tropic Moving’s moves, you’ll see plenty of stretch wrap being used for all kinds of things.

Packing and painter’s tape is a must-have. Obviously you can use it for sealing boxes. You’ll definitely want a tape gun to speed up the process and to make it easier overall. You can also use painter’s tape for labeling your boxes if the painter’s tape is strong enough to stay on during the move. Keep in mind that for all the tape that you use, you’re not going to want to try to save money by buying cheap. Good-quality tape is essential to making sure that your boxes stay shut tight and sealed during the move!

Happy Packing!

Residential moving opportunity done by Tropic MovingTropic Moving is an expert when it come to both packing and moving. While some of these may seem obvious, there are many mistake that people make when planning their move and picking out packing supplies. It’s important to remember these tips during your next move, whether you’re packing an office, a house, or an apartment. Tropic Moving sells and delivers packing materials in Brevard County, so feel free to check us out and schedule a packing material drop-off for these items listed above and more!

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