Three Thing to Remember When Moving an Office

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Post: Three Thing to Remember When Moving an Office

What to Remember When Moving an Office

Moving an office space is no small task. It’s just as complicated and involved as moving your home, and there’s more people to keep track of in the process. From all the desks and chairs to packing the electronics, you’re going to have a lot on your hands. You may be under pressure for time or money (or both), so it’s important to be prepared and to take action as soon as you know about the move. No matter the size of your company, here are three tips to help keep the relocation smooth and make sure nothing goes awry in the process.

1. Put Someone in Charge

man watching moving company employees pack up a houseIt’s crucial to make sure that each person knows their part in the move process. That makes sense whether you have 5 people in your building or 100. Divide and conquer – but make sure that you have one person who knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Appointing a “move manager” is a smart idea that you’ll thank us for later. They will be in charge of making sure that each person knows what they are responsible for moving, packing up, and prepping at each point. If you need a move team, they will coordinate it. They’ll check up on each person’s progress to make certain no one is falling behind. The best person is usually an office manager or administrative assistant of some kind, since these tasks will be familiar to them.

2. Schedule I.T. As Soon As Possible

electronic hub for internetThere isn’t a single company that won’t be using computers or internet at their new office. You need to manage your IT closely to ensure that the new space will have all the electronics and tech moved properly. That means it needs to be broken down, packed properly, and then reassembled in the new space with everything running by the time people are supposed to go back to work. Call your internet provider to make sure that your new building will have internet hooked up when you need it. Then make sure that your team will be able to get your servers, computers, sales systems, phones, and more in working order over the weekend if you have to. This is also a good time to make sure you aren’t harbor out-of-date equipment.

3. Individuals Should Handle the Little Things

Office SuppliesA moving team is the smartest decision for handling cubicles, desks, filing cabinets, and conference tables. Your worker’s comp is not going to be happy with getting office workers to move anything heavy. But that doesn’t mean that you can save some time, money, and chaos by having each person move their own personal items. Boxes full of notebooks, pens, and knickknacks are easy enough to do on your own and do early. It’ll also make sure that each person has some responsibility in the move. Once the desks are moved over, each person in your office can set themselves up before the official opening date and take things easier. It makes each space feel more personal when your workers can transport their little stuff.

After you’ve researched and chosen a moving team, you’re on your way to getting set up in a totally new space. Excited? Celebrate your new office with a nice lunch or a small party when you get there to thank everyone for their help in the move. You guys deserve it. If you’re looking for a professional moving team in Brevard to help make your move fast and easy, give Tropic Moving a call to get scheduled as soon as possible!

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