Three BIG things that get overlooked when moving

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Post: Three BIG things that get overlooked when moving

Three BIG Things That Get Overlooked When Moving


  1. Pack one or a few “essentials” boxes that will stay with you during your move!


Be sure to put together important documents and essentials that need to be kept track of. That way if you need any important documents you know where they are. Sometimes it can take weeks to fully unpack so be sure you know what will be needed and where it is so you don’t have to tear into all of your boxes looking for one item.


  1. Do you need mattress bags for your mattress?


Most people don’t think about if they will need a bag for their mattress. You can buy them ahead of time or if you hire movers, they usually have them with them too. Mattresses are usually one of the most expensive items in the house and to not have them in a relatively cheap plastic bag puts them at a high risk of getting torn or dirty.


  1. Be sure to keep proper cleaning supplies for after you cleared out the house you’re leaving.


There’s usually so much going on on move day you forget the last thing you have to do before leaving is clean! Whether you’re renting or just sold your house, its difficult to clean under and behind furniture so the deep cleaning usually can’t be complete until all of the furniture is moved out!

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