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Post: Stress-Free Moving With Local Moving Companies | Melbourne FL

Stress-Free Moving With Local Moving Companies | Melbourne FL

taping up a moving boxFeeling anxious about an upcoming move seems to come with the territory. If you think you’re alone in just how stressed your move is making you, think again. In fact, about 45% of Americans say moving is more stressful than ending a significant relationship – putting it in the top five worst life events, including losing your job. Yikes. If you’re worrying over a move here in Melbourne, relax. Luckily, you can cut out a ton of the strain with help from local moving companies in Melbourne FL has one of the best around – professional and local Tropic Moving!

Local moving companies in Melbourne, FL, can help relieve the pressure of packing up your world and taking it to your new home. Before you fill your first box, though, take a minute and read through these tips on how to choose a moving company that’s right for you.

Consider Their Experience

You’ve likely already typed in moving companies near me on your phone. Be careful about choosing your movers based more on cost than experience. Moving know-how matters!

Before you hire a moving team, ask about the different projects they’ve managed. All moving jobs are not the same! Whether you’re moving your grandmother’s heirloom china or you have bulky furniture, you want a team that knows how to handle all parts of the move. Have a grand piano or a pizza oven? These are a few examples of the experience that shows we’re a residential moving company that knows how to handle even the most unusual items.

In addition, look for the movers that have a reputation for good time management. They arrive promptly and finish your move in the time-frame you agreed on when you signed the contract. Excellent time management is one of the essential qualities to look for in a moving company.

Pro Tip: An established company has had the time to work out the kinks. They’ve streamlined packing and moving and developed a great employee training program. That’s the one you want!

Do You Really Have to Pack All Those Boxes?

box with coffee cups and decorative key on a stringThose same people who said moving is more stressful than divorce also said packing causes the most stress. Since stress relief is a fundamental reason for hiring a moving company, you’ll want to discuss the issue of packing with your prospective moving team.

Make sure you understand the company’s packing process. For example, are you responsible for packing, or will the movers take care of it for you? Was the packing process included in your in-home estimate?

Ask how they handle items that require special care. A good moving company will use packing materials explicitly designed to protect fragile items and other valuables.

Speaking of boxes, who supplies them? Will you need to go from store to store begging for their used produce boxes? A great moving company has the necessary moving supplies for you to purchase, and they bring their own moving blankets and protective supplies.

Pro Tip: Ask questions during your free in-home estimate to get an idea of what you’ll need for your packing list.

Avoid Moving Day Surprises

overhead view of a calendarNo one wants a moving day surprise, especially if it impacts the wallet. Money is one reason working with local moving companies makes sense. Why?

If they’re local, they can send a representative to your residence to complete an in-home estimate. Generally, a moving company based elsewhere or through a corporation will only give you an estimate over the phone.

The key is to make sure you ask for the estimate. You need to know beforehand what to expect as far as your final invoice. Here are the components you should expect on your written estimate:

  • Contact Information
  • Moving Dates
  • Breakdown of Charges

Of course, you’ll also want to understand the expected payment method. Your moving company will also appreciate working with someone who understands the costs and won’t be fighting with them over a misunderstanding with the bill.

Pro Tip: If you can provide as many details as possible, including special requirements, it will help your movers put together a more accurate estimate.

Looking for Local Moving Companies in Melbourne, FL?

Tropic Moving van on the roadWhile this article isn’t a comprehensive listing of every quality you should consider when looking for the best local moving company in Melbourne FL, it’s a great start. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose reputable, honest, and professional furniture movers near me, like Tropic Moving.

If you’re stressing over your move, let us help.

As one of the most qualified local moving companies in Melbourne, FL, we’re able to take care of every detail of your move. Keep calm and contact Tropic Moving today for an easier, faster move.

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