Perks of Moving to Merritt Island, FL

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Post: Perks of Moving to Merritt Island, FL

Thinking of Moving to Merritt Island, FL?

Beach Branches with SeashellsThinking about moving to Florida? Every year, more and more people move to Florida. If we spent long enough thinking about it, there are probably a million and more reasons to move to Florida. Sunny days, beautiful beaches, Disney World, relaxing atmosphere – everyone in Florida has their reason for being here. From sprawling cities to quaint beach-side getaways to the Keys’ famous small towns, there are countless options for you. Today, we’re looking at one of Brevard’s great, close-knit communities and the perks of moving to Merritt Island FL.

About Merritt Island

Merritt Island in a mid-sized town in Brevard County, FL. Located on the Space Coast, Merritt Island is only 15 minutes from the beach and 45 minutes from The Orlando FL international airport. The distance between cities of Orlando and Merritt Island is only 57 miles. While 34,000 people (as of the 2010 census) seems like a lot of people, the community feels small and close-knit. With shopping, schools, parks, churches, community centers, and plenty of neighborhoods, there’s a little something for everyone and plenty to get involved with! Some may consider Merritt Island to be a sleepy town, but that’s a bit of a misconception for anyone as long as they aren’t looking for a “college party town.” There are many reasons why people consider moving to Merritt Island and love it when they DO move here – whether it’s for retirement, work, raising a family, or just finding a vacation home.

What’s Nearby?

Sunset With Palm TreesLike we said, there’s plenty of shops, activities, and restaurants to choose from when you’re living in Merritt Island. However, if you’re looking for more exciting things to do on the weekend or with the kids, you can stay close to home and still discover plenty to do. Brevard County is a long county, but Merritt Island is in the middle of the county. Brevard’s towns are very close together. That means Merritt Island is 15 or 20 minutes from the beach, fancy movie theaters, the zoo, museums, a couple colleges, the second largest cruise port, upscale shopping malls, and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and even Kennedy Space Center.

There are plenty of towns within easy driving distance: Cocoa, Cocoa Village, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, and Satellite Beach. Some, like Titusville, Orlando, and Palm Bay, only take a little more driving time. If you aren’t happy with the real estate or cost of living in more expensive parts of Brevard, like Viera or Melbourne, that’s fine. Merritt Island is not very far away and has great options for homes. Plus, commuting to the Space Center, Orlando, or any of the surrounding cities is easy when you’re starting in Merritt Island!

Things To Do In Merritt Island

Things To Do In Merritt IslandNo one comes to Merritt Island without being excited for TWO things in particular: the beach and the rockets. Only six miles from the beach, the drive is pretty good – within 15 minutes of leaving home, you should be sitting on a blanket in the sand and sunshine! Cocoa Beach, one of the great surf spots of the world, is well-known for beautiful beaches. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit for the beaches, vacation spots, and cruises in our tropical paradise.

Whether you’re vacationing or staying here permanently, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do during the week or weekend. Dozens of great restaurants have cropped up along the beach, serving traditional seafood and appetizers with margaritas and chilled beers. At night, you can hear local bands performing at any number of locations. There is the Cocoa Beach Pier and Port Canaveral, which feature prime fishing spots, more restaurants, small shops, and beautiful sights for anyone to enjoy. You can visit the beach from a variety of locations along the coast: surfing, sunbathing, sightseeing, and sand castle-making are prime activities for beach-loving folks.

Discovery Space CapsuleEqually famous is the Space Coast namesake, Kennedy Space Center (NASA). The KSC is located in the northern portion of Merritt Island, and is an absolute must-see. Even better, though, is that KSC, NASA, Space X, Blue Origins, and other space-related organizations are revitalizing the area with more jobs and generally bettering the economy in “sleepy” Merritt Island. Most of us in the area are excited to see the betterment of the community through all the space companies influencing the area. Plus, it is amazing to stand in the backyard and see rockets go up EVERY month!

Family Options & Small-Businesses

Plenty of people want to move with a family or are planning to start a family. The great news is that Merritt Island has several options for schools. There are both public and private schools, and you’ll have more than a few options for elementary, middle, and high schools. Are you looking for a school for an especially bright young person? Edgewood High School is well-known for its elite programs, and there are also ways to apply to Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School, which has an IB program. In addition, your kid can apply for the dual-enrollment at the local community college, Eastern Florida State College. End high school with a two-year degree and get a jump start on college!

Moving To Merritt Island FLSmall business opportunities are great in Brevard as well. While there are some industries dominated by state or nation-wide companies, many of the residents of Merritt Island prefer to use local companies for all kinds of industries. If you’re looking to start a business in Merritt Island, there are plenty of opportunities. You should look at the saturation of the market, but many companies – like Tropic Moving – have flourished in Merritt Island.

Come Visit!

If you’re thinking about moving to Merritt Island, there is nothing better than a visit to our beautiful location. OR, you can do more research about our town. Some places give an overview of the Island. You can see how people rate our schools, nightlife, housing, activities, and even crime. Examine whether or not our town is right for you and your family! And, best of all, if you need help unpacking when you get here, don’t forget to call Tropic Moving. 

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