Packing Tricks for a Simpler Move

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Post: Packing Tricks for a Simpler Move

Packing Tricks to Moving a Breeze

So, you’ve decided to move. Congratulations on your new home, apartment, condo,  or other lovely space! Now, the only thing left to do is pack up everything you own and ship it, one way or another, to your new place. Whether you’re a veteran of moving or you’re experiencing your first transition, it’s never easy – from organizing to packing to unboxing everything you own, there’s a lot to get done. That’s why we’re bringing you a few extra handy padding tips that could save you the stress of a terrible move.

1. Use Clothing for Some Extra-Good Padding

open drawer full of clothingWhile you’ll probably want PLENTY of paper packing and Styrofoam peanuts, there are some easy tricks that can help ensure that your fragile, breakable, and bendable items stay secure and un-shattered during the move process. Glasses, plates, glass bottles, trays, and knickknacks are in extreme danger during packing and shipping, especially if you’re moving yourself. Shirts and extra pieces of clothing can be placed around and between fragile items for some extra cushion. Use socks to protect glass cups and wine glass stems. Clothing can be versatile, and this helps find space for leftover items that are hard to pack.

2. Utilize Saran Wrap

necklaces in a jewelry organizerRolls of plastic wrap are great for securing furniture, and we’ve talked about that before. But saran wrap can also be a great tool for other, smaller things as well. For the ladies who are packing and trying to find an easy way to keep their jewelry from tangling, a few sheets of plastic wrap can do the trick. Don’t unpack your organizer – leave everything hanging and tightly secure the jewelry by wrapping it up! The same can be done with a drawer or organizer for your utensils. While the utensils might shift around in their slots, it makes the packing process much simpler and will make sure they stay organized for the journey.

And finally, saran wrap is perfect for making sure bottles don’t leak. Every moving company or blog will tell you that leaking shampoos, perfumes, and lotions will smell great but ruin plenty of things around them. The easy way to fix this is to open up the bottle, place plastic wrap over the opening, and then screw the top back on.

3. Get Creative

How To Pack Knives For MovingUnusual padding items aren’t just good for breakable plates and glasses. Do you know how to pack knives for moving? A recent trend in packing up the kitchen has been to keep knives safe by putting the sharp end into a thick oven mitt and wrapping them up together. It makes the kitchen section easier to pack and safe to unpack. It’s never good to have knives floating around a box! You can do this with your steak knives and be reassured that the knives aren’t going to accidentally scratch or gouge anything you’re packing with them.

Worried about all the makeup that you have to get from one place to another? If you’ve ever dropped or jostled a powder cosmetic container, then you’ll know that it’s incredibly easy to have the powder break and shatter – often ruining it. Eyeshadows, blushes, foundation, primer – there are a lot of makeup containers to worry about, but there’s an easy solution. Put cotton pads or cotton balls inside of the container with the powder, creating a tiny cushion to help if the box gets dropped or bumped into. Don’t believe it will help? This is also a tried-and-true trick that many people use just for travelling as well!

Worried about your packing experience? Never moved before? Tropic Moving also offers packing services alongside our moving services. You can also buy packing products straight from us and have it delivered to your doorstep. Get a professional helping hand at a great price, and know that your move is safe with us!

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