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Post: How To Pack Electronics For Moving

Tips on How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Electronics are one of the most important (and expensive) things in the modern house, besides furniture and big appliances. So, when we’re How To Pack Electronics For Movingmoving, we want to make sure that our televisions, laptops, gaming systems, and other precious electronics are packed in the best, safest way possible while also staying organized. Today, we’re going to be going over the best practices and prep ideas for packing electronics for a move, whether it’s an office, apartment, or home.

1. Find (or Download) Your Manuals

Often, there are special instructions for electronics: battery storage, handling instructions, temperature minimums and maximums, etc. The best directions for specially disassembling, packing, transporting, and re-assembling all of your electronics is going to be the manual that comes with the item itself. Often, if there are special storage instructions or warnings for moving the electronic item, the owner’s manual will show you everything you need to pay attention to. It will also help identify the pieces and parts that go back together once you’ve moved. Can’t find the manual? Check on the manufacturer’s website! Most websites allow you to download a digital reference for the manual, which is just as good.

2. Organize with Bags & Pictures

electronic hub for internetWhat are you supposed to do with the mess of cables that all of your electronics come with? From TV to computer, most of the cables look nearly identical (plus, there’s multiple cables per item!). How can we organize and categorize in a way that will allow us to put everything back in the right place?

First, don’t unplug anything until you’ve taken pictures of the set-up for each item (making sure that you can tell what you’re looking at in each picture, of course). Photos on your phone are a great way to ensure that you can have a reference of what your set-up is supposed to look like at your new location. It’s way better than drawing a picture or just trying to remember!

Then, once you’re sure you have enough references (along with your manuals), make sure you get plenty of plastic and zip-up bags for storing the cables for each item. Each bag should be clearly labeled on the outside so you know which bag goes with which item. Of course, you’ll want to pack your electronics so that the boxes and cables go together, within the boxes or taped to the sides. Trust us when we say that it will make your life a lot easier when you’re unpacking!

3. Careful About Batteries, Discs, and Cartridges

batteries from above standing upBatteries are a tricky thing when moving. Be sure to double check all of your electronics, remotes, and wireless products for batteries. Make sure to remove and package them separately from your electronics and other boxes because batteries can expand or burst if they get left in the cold or heat during the move. It also means that your wireless items will have more shelf life when you’re unpacking; there’s no danger that you’ll keep something in a box for a few months and let the batteries corrode!

Also be sure to eject any discs, DVDs, games, and cartridges from VCRs, DVD players, gaming systems, and printers. This will keep your items organized, undamaged, and unscratched during the moving process. You’ll also want to tape all of your drives and empty slots so they don’t bang around or break during the move either!

Having trouble with packing your electronics properly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Plenty of people need help with packing their home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room. If you’re looking for assistance, contact a professional moving company like Tropic Moving in your area!

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