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Post: Need Help Moving Heavy Items?

Are you in the process of moving? When you need help moving heavy items, it can be stressful due to all the planning and execution involved. Staying organized and safe can be challenging if you have children or pets. However, should you seek a professional mover, select a professional that prioritizes safety, responsibility, and reliability.

You can incorporate several safe techniques and equipment to make the process easier. That’s why our professional movers at Tropic Moving have provided you with our best tips for a successful relocation.

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Techniques For Safe Moving

When moving without the help of a professional, the following are vital safety techniques to utilize: 

  • Avoid Heavy Lifting

Avoid lifting anything too heavy to ensure safety and prevent possible injury. Instead, hire professionals or utilize special equipment to move items beyond your capabilities. 

  • Keep Your Back Straight

To prevent spine your spine from injury, you must keep your back straight, bend at the knees, and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Maintaining this posture helps properly brace the weight throughout your body instead of placing pressure on your back. 

  • Wear Appropriate Footwear

When moving, wear appropriate shoes to prevent slipping and falling. 

  • Maintain A Firm Grip

Before carrying boxes, you must have a wide, steady grip, keeping the objects centered and close to your body to brace securely. If you use a narrow grip and keep them away from your body, you’re more likely to damage your belongings box or hurt yourself. 

  • Communication

During the move, communication is key. It helps you and your family make a good plan and execute it as a team rather than being hostile or starting arguments. You will have a happy, stress-free move when you speak to others respectfully.

Equipment For Safe Handling

If you need help moving heavy items, safety equipment can make your efforts more effective.

  • Moving straps

Using moving straps or a shoulder dolly allows you to harness and support objects to evenly distribute the weight of the load on the shoulders and hips with less risk of injury. 

  • Dollies 

A dolly is a platform with two or four wheels to transport heavy items from one location to the next. Doing so is safer, reducing your risk of accident/injury.

  • Furniture Sliders

You can purchase furniture sliders (plastic gliders) to assist with transporting heavy items across a surface without physically lifting them. This tool is incredibly beneficial for moving and relocating furniture in your home. 

  • Work Gloves

When preparing for a big move, gloves are necessary for safely gripping your belongings and minimizing damage to your hands. 

  • Tool Belt

Tool belts can be beneficial for storing tools, such as screwdrivers and Phillips heads, to remove picture frames or deconstruct furniture. To maximize your safety, you can brace them with suspenders since they add between 25 and 60 pounds of pressure on your back.

Tips For A Successful Move

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has received over 3,100 consumer complaints about household goods movers being careless with their belongings, fraudulent, or deceptive about their services. That’s why you should hire qualified professionals before investing in a move. 

Here are some tips to keep you safe when working with professionals:

  • Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

Before relocating to a new state movers should give you a booklet on your rights and responsibilities when you move. The manual helps you understand the documents they will ask you to sign and explains your rights regarding lost/damaged items.

  • Learn About Red Flags & Moving Fraud

Many potential red flags serve as indicators of moving fraud. 

Some warning signs include:

  • Asking for large cash deposits before the move
  • The company has no local address or website
  • Does not perform an onsight evaluation and gives estimates over the phone
  • Providing you with suspicious documents
  • Hire A Qualified Mover

Before hiring a moving service, carefully research the company to ensure they are legitimate. More so, check that they do not have a history of perpetuating scams.

  • Read & Understand All Information Provided By A Professional Mover or Broker

When selecting a professional company, it’s best to read all documents carefully before signing them. This will stop you from signing paperwork that may be fraudulent or misleading.

Hire Tropic Moving To Move Your Belongings

Should you need help moving heavy items, you can rely on Topic Moving, a team of qualified moving experts in Melbourne, Florida. We are the organized and reliable professionals you need. Our team specializes in:


  • Office space moves
  • Retail store moves
  • Doctors offices relocation
  • Law firm moves
  • Home moves 


To keep track of your belongings, we have an organized system for tracking all inventory to prevent items from being misplaced or damaged. No matter how big or small the move, we will assist you with properly packing and transporting your items to alleviate any undue stress. Feel free to contact us today to speak with a customer representative or receive a FREE estimate.

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