You Might Like Moving to Florida If You Love These Five Things

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Post: You Might Like Moving to Florida If You Love These Five Things

Reasons Why Moving to Florida Might Be Perfect for You

Sunset BlurryFlorida is a popular spot for both vacationing AND living. With so much to do, see, and experience in this sunny state, it’s no surprise! But Florida’s gorgeous coasts, temperate weather, and laid-back lifestyle aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. While we certainly agree with the perception that Florida is one of the best places to live, is it right for you? If you’re taking a look at the choicest for the next place that you’ll be calling home, Florida could be on the list! Today, Tropic Moving is going to be looking at the top five things that might draw you to move to Florida.

1. The Sunshine!

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a reason. With hundreds of sunny, beautiful days to enjoy, people who like outdoor activities and warm weather can live here knowing that the majority of the year will be perfect weather. And because the state is so long, you can move further north or south depending on how cold you want the winters to be! Natives of Florida will tell you that Tallahassee can drop pretty low during the few weeks of “winter.” But down south? Living in the southern part of Florida means enjoying just a few weeks of sweater-weather! So, if you’re warm-natured or want to live in a beautiful spot that’s perfect year-round for outdoor activities, check us out.

2. The Beaches!

Running Into The OceanThe perfect thing to pair with sunshine? Gorgeous beaches and a nice, cool ocean breeze! Luckily, Florida has both of these. Whether you live on the coast or further inland, the beaches are only a drive away from most parts of Florida. You can vacation without even going that far! Take a day-trip to the beach with family and friends SO easily, it’s almost scary. There are world-famous beaches all around Florida for residents to enjoy year-round. Visit Miami or Key West if you’re looking for the glamorous or Jimmy-Buffet-style of vacation. Or you can go to some of the less tourist-heavy locations like Sarasota Beach, Delray Beach, or St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

3. The Discounts!

When you’re surrounded by Six Flags, Disney World, Busch Garden, Sea World, and Universal, the cost of a theme park-filled year can be pretty crazy. However, Florida residents have a great solution at their fingertips! The resorts, parks, and attractions across the state almost always have great resident discounts and special deals throughout the year. If you’re a resident and planning a trip or a vacation, make sure to check out the seasonal rates and deals available in the times when tourism is slower and the parks and hotels are trying to peak interest with low prices.

4. The Culture!

Chicken BurritoFrom the tip-top of the state (a much more Southern feel) to the Latino residents of Miami and Tampa to the Conch locals of Key West, there is so much culture to love and experience all over the state. Florida is such a popular place to move to that you’ll get to discover a unique mixture of diversity from all different states and backgrounds. This affects everything from the food to the architecture, so there will be something new and exciting to discover no matter where you go. Why not bring your own special touch to the diversity of Florida and make it an even more interesting place to be?

5. The Taxes!

“Taxes” are not usually a reason to check out a state – that is, unless the taxes are BETTER. And in Florida, we love that there is NO state income tax. Most states have state income tax, but Florida is one of the few that lets residents save more and pay less when it comes to tax season. In addition, the cost of living, sales tax, and property taxes are all low. Combined with a great economy, you’ll feel better about your living expenses and financial situation in no time!

Considering Moving to Florida?

Tropic Moving Logo BeachYou should be! From beaches to taxes, there are so many great reasons why you might love the Florida life. There are so many great places to live in the United States, but Florida is our top pick. If you’re moving to or within Florida, take some time to check out Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, and other Brevard locations and see what we have to offer. If you love the area, feel free to call us to see how we can help your moving experience!

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