Consider packing less valuable items yourself, Moving Tip #103

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Post: Consider packing less valuable items yourself, Moving Tip #103

Moving Tip #103: Consider Packing Less Valuable Items Yourself

Be sure to consider packing less valuable items yourself and having the movers pack the rest! Everyone has some items they value more than the rest. Or some items that just may be easy to pack and that you’re not worried about breaking. So look to pack those items yourself before the movers arrive. This way items like your fine china and breakable decorations are still professionally packed, but items like your linen closet kids toys may be easy to pack yourself. This can save a tremendous amount of time from your move which will translate into saving money and still give you the quality of work you are hiring the pros for! We of course always recommend having a representative come out for an in-home estimate and that is a great chance to pick their brain for some small tips like this. Tropic Moving’s number one goal is to customize our service you each customer to be sure we meet each and every one of their moving needs.

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