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Post: Moving Day? Tips from Moving Companies Melbourne FL

3 Tips From Your Local Moving Companies Melbourne FL

Whether it’s a storage unit, a long distance moving day, or just rearranging/moving furniture, there aren’t enough tips for making moving day easier! That’s why one of your favorite moving companies (Melbourne FL to Palm Bay FL and beyond!) is here to give you a couple of tips that can make your home or business move better than ever before. Not in Brevard county? That’s fine. Our tips work for anyone, from the East Coast to the west.

packing boxes moving companies melbourne fl1. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

save boxes for your moveFrom the moment that you know that you’re moving, you should be picking up and collecting boxes. Don’t decide to find boxes two to three days before your move. If you’re smart, you can save boxes from appliances, mail orders, friends, and even more unlikely places. Usually, we all will go ahead and toss our Amazon order boxes into the recycling to save space – you and your friends and family can keep from buying boxes by just saving the ones that we would usually recycle month to month. No, boxes aren’t that expensive, but the more of a “free move” that you can get, the better, right? Saving a little here and there can make the move easier on you and your wallet! Speaking of saving, here’s another Tropic Moving tip for saving some money while packing.

Don’t forget to label your boxes, too! You won’t want to search through a thousand of the same cardboard boxes to find your spoons, right? A little labeling can help a lot in the end. Use colorful stickers or just write directly on the box to stay stress free and organized for moving day! And here’s another really important tip: don’t use garbage bags. Sometimes, heavy-duty trash bags can be tempting to use for carrying collections of small things, soft items, and items that won’t break easily. However, this is a quick way to accidentally throw away precious things when you get the bags mixed up with actual trash! You or someone helping you (like family or friends) might toss away your amazing quilt collection with Monday’s garbage, and that is always very sad. Use boxes and avoid heartbreak.

2. Talk to the People Involved

There are two parties that you want to talk to before your move. One, the people helping you move all your worldly belongings. And two, your neighbors at your new place, whether it’s a business, an office, or a home.

empty roomLet your helpers know what the plan is for your move. Some moves are small – you may just have friends and family help you. Other moves are much bigger, and a moving company may need to bring a couple of people and a truck to move big items for you. Either way, you should talk to your team or moving company customer service ahead of time. Tell them about both locations. Is there a tricky driveway? Are there stairs or an elevator that they’ll have to go through? How many large items are you moving? Where is the best place to do loading and unloading? Knowing all of these things will help you and your moving team to be more efficient and bring the right tools for the job – and that includes finding out what types of moving services you need, including full service moving.

You should also speak to your new neighbors. Do they have pets or a baby that might be disturbed by banging in another apartment? Will your moving truck be blocking their driveway? Even if they don’t have any concerns, they’ll appreciate the heads up. Keeping your neighbors in the loop will set things off on the right foot, especially if they have requests for you.

3. Wrangle Your Pets

cat in a moving boxIf you have an indoor or an outdoor pet at your home, there’s an important step to moving day that you will not want to forget: corralling your beloved pet! With so many doors being held open over and over as people and boxes move in and out, it’s easy for a sneaky cat or a curious puppy to slip out by accident. Every year, pets get lost for days or permanently because they sneak out during the move. You’ll also be protecting the movers – a cat or dog underfoot is a hazard when moving boxes and furniture.

As a pet owner, you’ll want to put your pet in a crate or in a separate, extra room that won’t be opened, and you’ll want to do that before any part of moving day happens. Yes, your animal may not be happy about it, but it’s a great way to make sure that your pet stays safe during the move.

Happy Moving!

As always, we’re excited to bring useful moving tips to Brevard every month. These three tips will help you during any move, whether it’s a business move, home move, or apartment move. Remember, even if you’re doing your move yourself without a moving company, there are always ways to save time, save money, and save effort while moving. Happy Moving Day, Brevard!

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