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Declutter with Help from Moving Companies | Melbourne FL

Boxes in Front of White Brick WallIt’s official spring now in sunny Florida! While the sunshine means tourists, vacation, and trips to the beach, it also means there are new activities to get started on. What are we talking about? Why, it’s Spring Cleaning! But how can moving companies like Tropic Moving help with something personal like decluttering during your spring cleaning spree?

Some moving companies offer additional services beyond residential moving, long distance moving, commercial services, and any other other full service moving experience. When you don’t need anyone to move your home – but you still need someone to move your stuff – there’s actually a service for that! We call it “Junk Removal and Donation Services“, and it’s perfect for when you have a ton of items to give away but don’t want to spend the hours on trips back and forth to the donation center. Luckily, you don’t have to complete the whole journey yourself from start to finish. There are moving companies like Tropic Moving who are ready to help our with our moving truck with more than just your standard packing service and moving service. We guarantee customer satisfaction when you need a hand with all of your leftover furniture, boxes of clothes, and old appliances. Make your spring cleaning stress-free with US! (And a few additional tips on how to get started.)

Getting Started

But how do you get started deciding what you do and don’t need anymore?

It’s one of the hardest chores to undertake, but it’s important to go through your acquired items every so often. Otherwise, some of us will start holding onto things for YEARS that we don’t want or need. Then, when you finally decide to start the “deep cleanse” of your home, it can be overwhelming. How do you know where to start?

There are two thoughts for how to organize your efforts when you’re tidying up. Each one has its merit, so decide for yourself which will be easier for you to conquer!

1. Go Room to Room

Cleaning SuppliesOne method is as easy as its name: you don’t work across the whole house. Instead, you sort and clean and declutter room by room. Go through each section of a room, sorting things that don’t belong, removing items from surfaces, getting discarded things off the floor, and creating a give-away pile of items that have past their time of use.

The number one rule with this method is this: do NOT leave the room to put something away or bring something from outside. Keep a basket or box at the door for any items that have been misplaced. Find a spoon in the living room? Box. Find a sweater in the office? Box. Collect everything in one place as you clean and don’t put anything away until you’ve finished.

Why? The biggest problem that people run into is getting off-track. When you keep flitting around the home to put lost items away, you end up getting distracted and using more energy than you need. It’s exhausting!

2. Categorize Your Cleaning

Shirts on Clothes RackDon’t sort by room. Instead, sort your cleaning by categories. Get everything from a category together and go through it to figure out what you’ve forgotten about, what you no longer use, what you need to use more often, and what’s been misplaced. An example? Put ALL the clothing from your home in one big pile and sort it. When you’ve gotten everything out that’s give-away, you can neatly reorganize all of your clothing in the home.

This works for all kinds of categories. Make-up, cooking utensils, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc. How much have you just discarded around the house while thinking, “Oh, I’ll get to it later…”? You’ll find out that you have a lot more to get rid of than you thought!

Getting Through the Cleaning

Don’t do everything all at once. The worst thing to do for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to give yourself an unreasonable time frame for finishing your project. Don’t every say, “I’m going to clean the whole house in Saturday!” It will inevitably be hopeless and discouraging.

Instead, give yourself a goal every day or every week until you’re finished. No one is going to judge you for taking longer, and you’ll save stress by giving yourself nice goals to work towards. Get a room done every week. Sort all your clothing in a day. Wash the floors during the weekend. Do your packing, moving, and storage done in a day. You don’t need years of experience as a mover or a cleaning service to be efficient. You just need a plan and some weekly goals!

What to Do With All That Stuff

Man Balancing Stacked BoxesWhen you’re done with extensive cleaning, sorting, and “purging,” it’s time to get all that stuff OUT! Depending on how much you’ve managed to let go of, this can be an easy step or a more difficult step.

If you just have a few boxes of old blankets, worn tee shirts, and chipped plate? Load it up in your car and drive it to the closet donation center. However, if you have more than a few boxes, you might need some help. How do you get all of your beloved junk out of your home so that it won’t plague you any more?

Call one of your local moving companies like Tropic Moving! We offer junk removal services, perfect for individuals who need to move boxes, items, furniture, and more out of their home and over to a donation center. By taking advantage of a service like ours, you can get great customer service while saving time and energy. Don’t do ten trips back and forth – just call Tropic Moving for easy item removal and transport!

With a solid plan, an organized effort, and a little care, your home can look brand new!Staged Living Room With Couch

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