Moving Companies and How to Find the Right One for You

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Post: Moving Companies and How to Find the Right One for You

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Moving day, whether it’s long distance moving or local moving, is tough! From picking boxes and packing to the actual moving experience, there is so much to do. There’s no way to make it a stress free experience, but there are plenty of ways to help cut back on moving day anxiety. One of those ways is to find one of Brevard’s moving companies that is willing to help you make the most of your move! Tropic Moving believes in helping you in your time of moving need, and we’re here again to bring you tips for finding the perfect moving company to make your move easy, cheaper, and safe!


Laptop with Google Search on Screen1. Check Out Reviews

Many people take reviews with a grain of salt, but you should definitely check out reviews for whatever home moving or business moving companies you’re interested in. When you look at Facebook, Google+, and other popular reviewing places for moving companies, you can get an idea of how the company has been serving the community! Solid 5 stars across the board from families, companies, and friends? That’s a great sign that the company is reputable and trusted. In the moving industry, it’s easy to get bad reviews and hard to keep high ratings, so keep an eye out for those indicators that show that your moving companies have high ratings, good customer service, and a steady hand when putting personal items in the moving trucks.

2. Get an Estimate

A full service moving company should offer you an on-location estimate. If they don’t, then you shouldn’t go with them. On-location estimates are a good way to guarantee that your moving company is going to have a good handle on the work that you need. That can include recommendations for packing supplies, a lot of furniture to handle, how many trips it will take, residential moving or commercial moving, or partial packing and unpacking services. Tropic Moving offers free in-home estimates and on-location estimates. We recognize how important this step is. If you’re considering a company with no estimates or paid estimates, it might be time to reconsider your options!

3. Ask Questions

One of the best ways to determine the quality of your potential moving services is to simply ask them about what they can bring to the table. Have they done this kind of job before? Are they experienced with kitchens, office buildings, stairwells, furniture, old furniture, etc? How quickly can they work at your property? How many hands will they have on deck for your move? Are there any extra charges not listed in the estimate? Go ahead, ask! If they don’t have time to help ease your worries, they might not be great to work with. We recommend asking questions so that you can be as calm and knowledgeable about your move as possible.

Notepad and Pencil4. Start Early

If you know about your move ahead of time (like most people), then call ahead. If you wait until the last minute, you might be stuck with a moving company that you aren’t happy with. Some moving companies may have openings last minute, but you’ll want to get an estimate and plan your move well in advance. When you find a moving company, you want them to work within your schedule. You also want to get advice from them about how to make the move easier. You may find someone with 30 years of experience. But if they aren’t flexible and aren’t happy to help you, you’ll want that extra time to find a second option for moving help.

5. Hire Locally

When in Brevard, hire Brevard. Supporting local businesses means helping your neighbors, friends, and family succeed! You’re also more likely to find someone who is willing to help you save money, plan for a flexible move, and help you with your packing. Companies like Tropic Moving are locals who have lived in your area for decades. We always recommend hiring local, whether you’re picking someone to ehlp move or picking a place to eat!

Tropic Moving VanGet Started!

These are just a few of the many tips that Tropic Moving has put together to help you get the most out of your move. Keep an eye out for more great moving tips in the future. We hope that when you look at these tips for choosing a Brevard moving company, you’ll understand why Tropic Moving and other great, small moving companies across the nation are here to help you move your home or business with less fuss and more smiles!

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