Packing Picture Frames for Moving: Proper Packaging & More

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Post: Packing Picture Frames for Moving: Proper Packaging & More

Packing Picture Frames

Best Way to Pack Picture Frames for Moving

Packing Picture Frames For MovingMoving from one home to another is a lot of work. There’s a ton that needs to get done, from packing up the old house to arranging an address change (and so much more!). To keep your move as stress-free as possible, you want to pack all your items securely to prevent damages.

The last thing you want to deal with is cracked glass and scuffed chairs at your new place. One of the most fragile items to pack up during a move is a picture frame. If you’re planning your move any time soon, you’ll want to know how to pack picture frames for moving. Not sure what materials you’ll need or how to keep the frames secure? In the guide below, you’ll learn how to pack picture frames properly and prevent marks, damage, and broken glass!

Time to Grab Your Supplies

The first thing you want to do is gather all of your supplies that you’ll specifically need for packing picture frames. (Looking for other essential packing materials? Check out our professional packing guide here!) You can use some items around your house that you already have, so feel free to improvise! Otherwise, you can gather some of the following supplies:

  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • artist’s tape
  • flat foam board
  • moving boxes

The moving boxes you use can be either large boxes for multiple picture frames (if the frames aren’t too fragile) or medium-sized boxes to place one frame in each (for more fragile frames).

Wrap Your Frames First

best way to pack picture frames for movingBefore putting the frames into their boxes, you want to be sure to wrap them first. Use the artist’s tape to create an “X” on just the glass section of the frame. Use the foam board to cut a piece slightly larger than the frame itself.

Place the board on top of the frame and use packing tape to secure them together. You’ll then want to use the packing paper to wrap the frames with. Add bubble wrap around the frames as well for extra security.

You’ll want to use extra packing paper inside the moving boxes to fill any space to prevent sliding.

Choose the Right Box

Choosing the right box is another essential part of packing your picture frames right. If you have many frames you want to pack, then it might be more realistic and beneficial to place multiple frames in one box. With multiple frames, you want to make sure that they are all secured with plenty of packing material between every picture frame. If you only have a few frames to pack, then you can place them in separate boxes for added safety.

Contact the Professionals

Moving soon? house for saleAfter reading through this guide, if you’re still not confident with how to pack picture frames for moving, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional moving team. Professional movers know how to safely and securely pack your picture frames, canvas artwork, and other fragile items. They’ll even wrap all your furniture items in moving pads and then shrink wrap them if needed for extra protection.

Wondering about an expert moving team in your area? We know how to pack picture frames for moving! At Tropic Moving, we can help you move a few boxes, one room in your home, or an entire house! With help from our professional team, you can have peace of mind knowing all of your personal belongings are safe and protected. Get a free estimate today to get started.

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