Moving Soon? How to Be a Good Neighbor in Your New Home

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Post: Moving Soon? How to Be a Good Neighbor in Your New Home

3 Top Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

Aerial Neighborhood PhotoWhen you’re moving, you aren’t just changing how you set up your home, where you put your coffee cups, or what color the walls are. A big change also come with what’s outside – like your neighbors! The community in which you live and how you interact with them is vital to a happy, respectful experience in your new home. Whether you need help when you’re out of town or want to make sure you have a friendly face to greet when you’re getting your mail, a good neighbor can also be a great friend! So, when you’re getting set up in a new house, how can you do your best in being a good neighbor? Today we’ll be giving you a couple of tips for winning over your neighbors and getting settled in your new community.

1. Introduce Yourself

Handshake IntroductionWhen you’re getting set up, it can seem awkward to go around and introduce yourself to all your neighbors near you on the street. Don’t be shy! Even just saying “hello” can be a big difference, and people will wave and talk to you as well. If you’re always a friendly face, then it’s likely that your neighbors will be comfortable around you and will want to get to know you a little better. By greeting someone whose out in their front yard or in the hallway or by the mailbox, you’re going to get connected to the other families in the area. This is a good way to start making friends and acquaintances in the first few weeks! And don’t forget to mention that you’re new to the area. You’re very likely to find out good neighborhood tips and learn about your area. Maybe there is a neighborhood watch you didn’t know about, a block party to be invited to, or a good corner store nearby!

Exchange numbers with a neighbor who seems like a good friend and a reliable person. If either of you need a hand with something (like if you’re going out of town), it’ll be nice to know that you have someone you can contact in a pinch, whether it’s dog-sitting, water plants, or something else. And if someone does you a favor, make a mental note to return the favor – whether it’s doing the same for them or giving them a nice gift card or something.

2. Make an Improvement

Pouring Paint Into Paint TrayThis doesn’t have to be huge, but it always looks really good to show that you’re going to be an asset to the neighborhood. This also shows that you care about the community, and you’re going to be putting in the effort to make your home look nice. There are so many simple ways to spruce up your new home! You can mow the lawn and put out some pretty plants. You can slap a nice new coat of paint on the doors. You can pressure wash your driveway and clean out the gutters. When your neighbors see the effort you’re putting in to your new home, it looks good. Plus, it feels good to see your hard work, whether it’s a little landscaping or fixing up the fence! Be sure to compliment your neighbor when you see them doing the same as well.

3. Be Upfront and Honest

Pug Dog CloseupDo you hate that you neighbor leaves their dog barking outside all day? Does someone’s friend keep parking in front of your driveway? Are the nightly noise levels terrible because  the kid across the street playing the drums in the garage until 2 AM? Sounds like you and your neighbor might have a bit of a problem. Do not be passive-aggressive with your issues. It never helps to leave an anonymous letter or just “drop a hint.” Your neighbor is probably a rational person and will appreciate working it out directly! Have a problem? Be calm, collected, and constructive! Your neighbors will do the same with you, and that is ALWAYS a relief.

Moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone? It can definitely be scary! But don’t worry. There are always good people to be found if you know where to look, and that includes your neighborhood. If you follow these three tips, you’ll be known as a good neighbor in no time! Plus, you’ll find out who will be your best neighborhood friend.


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