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A Question We Get A Lot Is, Do You Tip Furniture Movers?

The simple answer is yes, furniture movers are used to getting daily tips.

A Better Question Is How Much Is An Appropriate Tip Per Furniture Mover?

Most people know what to tip a server from going out to eat often but moving is not something most do as often which is why many people are unsure of if you should tip your furniture movers. Like with any other industry tipping comes down to a few different factors. Not everyone’s move is the same so an appropriate tip changes per move. Tipping is never expected but if you chose to tip your furniture movers, a proper tip comes down to a few factors. How large the move is, how well you feel the crew did and of course how generous you are feeling after the move are a good basis to go off of. Generally moving is very labor intensive and tipping your furniture movers is a nice gesture at the end of a long day of hard work.

A typical tip for a furniture mover ranges anywhere from about $50-$100 per man for a full day’s work. But again, every move is different so a tip may be towards the higher side of that range if there are a lot of stairs or a lot of fragile items that need to be taken care of. The lower range could be if you had everything in storage already, wrapped and padded, and it was a simple load and delivery with no extra prep or item disassembly/reassembly needed.

We also have smaller moves that don’t take the entire day. Sometimes we just deliver an oversized item or a small one bedroom that only takes a few short hours to complete. For smaller jobs anywhere from $10 and up could be an appropriate tip for your furniture movers. A good rule of thumb when tipping is the 20% rule, which still holds true for moving. If you take 20% of the bill and divide that up amongst the crew that will generally be an appropriate tip for the day. Your moving representative that helps you schedule your move can also provide any information like this or answer any other questions you may be unsure of before your moving day.

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