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Hiring Pros For Loading & Unloading

Hiring Pros for Loading/Unloading is a great way to save some money when moving long distances. It allows you to have your truck professionally packed, to ensure all of your items are safe for the long haul, without having to pay for someone to haul it AND you don’t have to be on the long distance moving companies schedule to unload it! Most of the time with long distance moves they have many different shipments in their truck and you are on their schedule as to when your belongings will be unloaded. Driving your own truck allows you to stay on your schedule to unload when and where you need to.

There are a lot of labor only moving services but as always, make sure to choose a local professional who is licensed and insured. A lot of locals offer this service as it can be easy for a smaller less reputable company to provide. Be sure you hire someone who has the experience to pack your possessions properly for your trip, and insured in the event anything does go wrong. Also be sure to let the moving company who is packing your truck know if you will need any additional packing materials to pad or pack for the trip! We can provide as much packing, furniture disassembly/reassembly, or personal protection for individual furniture items as needed!

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