Do I Need a Brevard Moving Company Home Estimate?

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Post: Do I Need a Brevard Moving Company Home Estimate?

Do I Need a Brevard Moving Company In-Home Estimate?

Are you looking to move a home or business? The first thing on your mind is probably “how much will this cost me??” and how to save the most while getting the best moving service. One of the ways to find out exactly how much your moving experience costs will be is to find a Brevard moving company like Tropic Moving that does in-home or in-office estimates. But do you need an estimate? Many times, the answer is yes, but if you aren’t sure then keep reading! Tropic Moving is here this month to bring you the top three reasons why you should be getting an in-home estimate!

Handing Keys OverNOTE: There are several moving companies in Brevard county and the Space Coast, so make sure you find a trusted, experienced moving company to do a FREE estimate. These will help you and them to figure out the best and most efficient way to move all your belongings. Even if you aren’t sure about whether you need an in-home estimate, you can always see what the company policy is before moving forward.

1. Do You Have a Big Property?

Home ArchitectureA great question to ask yourself is this: how big is your space? With all packing and unpacking services and full service moving companies, you’re going to have them ask this first so they can get a good idea of the scope of work. Even better, though, is getting them to come out to your home or office if it’s going to be more than 1,200 square feet. Why? Even if everything in the space is small and easy to move, the space means that there will probably be a large quantity of items to move. So, even if it’s simple, the moving process is harder because of the sheer amount! This can also be the case for moving storage areas that are really big, like warehouses, or many cubicles, like a big business. If you know that you’re going to be moving a large property, go ahead and give the customer service line a call and schedule your estimate!

2. Do You Have Heavy Furniture?

Piano Stock PhotoOne of the aspects of your move that might seriously impact your move cost? How many BIG items you have to move. If you’re someone who has a piano alongside all of your heavy kitchen equipment and antique four-post bed, then you’ll want someone to come out and give you an estimate. This also helps us, the moving company, because we get to see what kind of unwieldy items we need to be planning for with your move and how long the move will take. By planning ahead, we can get big or heavy items moved faster, safer, and cheaper for you. This is one reason why in-home estimates are so important!

3. Do You Have Narrow Halls or Stairs?

Looking Down StaircaseAnother aspect of your home that can impact your move is the shape. If you’re in a little condo in Cocoa Beach or a three-story house in Melbourne FL, you might run into some complications that make your move harder – which, in turn, impacts the estimate. You’ll definitely want an in-home estimate if you have narrow hallways, many stairs, a tricky driveway set-up, or another part of your home that would impact the way that the moving company carries your furniture to the truck. Knowing about these potentially problematic home or office set-ups ahead of time is one of the best things to plan for with an estimate visit to the location!

Happy Moving!

Estimates are some of the best things that a Brevard moving company can use to help make your move faster and easier for everyone. By getting an estimate, you can obtain a more accurate estimate AND you can help your moving company give you the best move possible. Contact your moving company today so that you can set up an in-home or in-office estimate! If you’re contacting a company like Tropic Moving, then you’ll be able to get a FREE estimate for any type of move, move service, or packing service. Get started today!


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