Be efficient when packing.

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Post: Be efficient when packing.

Be Efficient When Packing

Always be efficient when packing your boxes. What does efficient packing mean though? The worst thing that can happen to a box is it gets crushed, falls or the contents are not properly protected inside of the box. Being efficient when packing means that you are safely packing and protecting everything in the boxes so that every box is virtually the same weight and size. This will help your movers be more efficient when moving your boxes, packing the moving truck and will greatly reduce the likelihood one of your boxes gets crushed or causes an accident.


Everything that gets moved gets carefully packed in the moving truck so writing “do not stack” or “fragile” on a lot of boxes is going to make things much more difficult for your moving team. The safest way to pack the moving truck is to pack your items as tightly as possible so that nothing shifts or moves around while in transit to your new home. So if all boxes are similar in size and weight, the truck will be able to be packed as tightly as possible and no box will be overfilled and everything will be as safe as possible.


If your packing glass or something fragile and the box is getting heavy mix in some lighter things from another room like the linen closet. Weight, item protection and balance are the three keys to an efficient pack. An efficient pack will ensure a smooth move day and your Tropic Move team won’t ever have to break stride to think about stacking boxes!

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