Allow enough time to pack, Moving tip #104

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Post: Allow enough time to pack, Moving tip #104

Moving Tip #104: Allow Enough Time To Pack

Allow enough time to pack everything you want to pack! We recommend allowing a full four weeks to pack, as the task can be much more time consuming than it may appear. When you pile on packing to an already full schedule of working, along with the other tasks piling up with an upcoming move, packing can get pushed to the back burner pretty easily. Be sure to get the materials early on and chip away a little at a time. It’s best to pack items used less, like decorations and pictures first, then save items more frequently used like clothes and kitchen items for last. Your items will be packed properly because you didn’t have to rush and this will make your move go much smoother and take unnecessary stress off your shoulders. All that will be left to do after packing is wait for Tropic Moving to arrive!

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