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Post: 5 Tips for Moving Furniture

Top 5 Tips to Move Your Own Furniture

Yes, packing up boxes is tedious, and fitting everything in a van, truck, or trailer is a pain. Going through all your precious belongings to decide what to keep is several days worth of work. Convincing your friends to help you requires pizza and a lot of promises, right? But still, the hardest part of moving your home or office is getting the furniture out of your old place and into the new one – especially if you’re not hiring a moving company. So what are the best tips that we can give you, as a professional moving company? This month we’re leaving the boxes and labels behind and looking instead at the best tips for moving furniture.

1. Protect Your Furniture

blue furniture padding against a white backgroundSure, it’s obvious that you need to protect items with glass, fragile sections of plastic, or easily-scratched surfaces. However, you should also be protecting your more robust pieces as well. Large furniture pieces like dressers, bookshelves, and tables can also get scratched, dented, or damaged more easily than you think. To protect the corners and the finish on any piece of furniture you’re moving, be sure to invest in some moving blankets and wrapping plastic. Any and all moving companies use blankets and wrapping plastic to protect furniture in their truck. You can use spare quilts, blankets, towels, and other soft, thick fabrics if you don’t want to buy new moving blankets. Just make sure that you put a good layer between the corners and fragile parts of the furniture and the outside world!

2. Protect Your Home

Tropic Moving employee moving a wardrobe from a condoFurniture isn’t the only thing that needs some protection! Your home (both the one you’re moving from and the one you’re moving to) will thank you for padding doorways and removing molding. Heavy furniture is unwieldy, and it’s very easy to bump into parts of your house and cause damage and scuffing. Taking a few necessary precautions can save you time (and paint) and make sure your home looks nice when you’re all done! In addition, removing doors and molding can help give you a little extra space for when you’re trying to maneuver. A few extra inches can make a big difference when you’re transporting a fridge or a dresser.

3. Remove Extra Parts

Tropic Moving company employee wrapping a table for a moveJust like with the molding, taking a few extra pieces off of your furniture can also make moving worlds easier. Chairs and other seating can have removable legs that you can pack in a separate bag (make sure you know what goes to what!). Recliners often break down so that the back comes off or folds down completely. Tables can break down into folded components or separate pieces. Consult the manual or look up guides to help you compact your furniture in the best way possible. With multiple pieces instead of one, you’ll discover a much better system for both moving and packing.

4. Slide, Don’t Drag

Keep your floors safe AND make your life easier, all in one go! By using furniture sliders (store-bought or improvised), you save your hardwood, carpets, and tile while also providing an easier way to move your furniture. There are plenty of furniture sliders that you can purchase online or in stores. However, if you’re looking to save money, you can also use frisbees, plastic containers, bedspreads, moving blankets, and old squares of cloth. Which sliders do you use where? When moving on hardwood floors, use cloth and soft padded materials. When you’re moving furniture on carpet, use hard and plastic materials. The nice benefit of purchasing furniture sliders is that many will attach just to the bottom of the furniture and you can leave them on for the next time you’re rearranging or moving furniture.

5. Plan Where the Furniture is Going

pencil writing in a paper calendar next to a cup of coffeeOne of the best tips that we can give you (and a moving company CAN’T do for you) is that you should always plan where your furniture is going to end up at your new location. For some people, this means just labeling the empty rooms at your new home so you can place boxes and furniture in the right room. For others, this can mean deciding ahead of time EXACTLY where the furniture will be placed when it arrives. We recommend planning as far ahead as possible so that you only need to carry and arrange your furniture once. This is especially true for those who will be navigating around stairs!

Is the idea of moving all your furniture starting to feel overwhelming? Don’t worry. There are plenty of tips and tricks up Tropic Moving’s sleeve. Sometimes it helps to have a professional hand to move your furniture – especially heavy items like fridges, washers, bookshelves, dressers, and beds. If you want someone by your side to make the move more relaxing, check us out and get your consultation scheduled today. It’s free!

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